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released November 1, 2003

All songs written, performed, and produced by former friend. former friend is Mark Reid and Liana Ahn.



all rights reserved


former friend California

Just a couple of geeks attempting to create their own indie pop maaagic.


former friend is an indie pop guy/girl duo that started as a bedroom recording project. Crafting pop songs that remain true to the indie rock ideals that inspire them, they don’t know what they sound like. Recently, the duo welcomed two more members to form a live band, ready to leave the house & play nice.
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Track Name: Some Vague Impression
Get ready to receive a suggestion—
You were never born perfect, you know
And I’ll be waiting to see your reaction,
‘Cause I’m swimming in fascination

But it’s alright to set your sights too high sometimes.

The best part about the human condition
Is our obsession with impossible notions
And how we wait for it to come to fruition,
A point of grace with some vague impression

But it’s alright to lose sight of yourself sometimes.
And it’s perfectly right to set your sights too high sometimes.

You see today before you see tomorrow
But, see, some days you’ll forget tomorrow
Track Name: Autumn Springs
Absorb the change in atmosphere
The sun is shy half behind the clouds
A photograph half behind the clouds and
Lamenting on such things
Yes, the grass is greener
Blow a blade between your fingers
While the rustling leaves explain the time of year

It’s a different kind of spring (You can feel the change in the air)
The kind that happens in the fall
Underneath the floating leaves
I might believe in the cause and the effect is perfect

A new light of orange in the air
Autumn springs abounding wonder
A swirl of colors bounce and wander
And the rustling leaves explain the time of year

The trees sigh and whisper all night
And the moon shines, shines so bright

It’s perfect.
The kind that happens in the fall.